[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9.2-p8 issues compilation

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Oct 3 10:01:47 PDT 2013

On 10/03/2013 09:32, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
> Hi
> Current PC-BSD 9.2-p8 issues compiled in single mail:
> 1. (missed functionality/regression) Flash plugin is disabled by
> default for user (again). 'flashpluginctl on' should be executed on
> user creation (by both first boot UI and user manager)
Where are you seeing this occur? It seems to work "out-of-box" here when
I make the inital user.. Do you have anything special about the username
you are creating?

> 2. As I saw in -p8 update details VIMAGE support was removed from
> GENERIC kernel and seems like Warden jails with VIMAGE support are not
> work.

This is correct. For the time being, if the user wants to run VIMAGE
jails they will need to compile it in. It is still causing kernel panics
on a LOT of systems.

> 3. pc-pkgmanager translation is not present on pootle server

Just added them now, should appear online in 24 hours.

> 4. (missed functionality). Installer and/or first boot ui is not set
> system locale the same as selected language
This is something I do need to fix still. I'll take a look.

> 5. xbmc meta package can't be installed (samba36-nmblookup from xbmc
> dependencies is conflict with installed samba36 package)

Yes, this is a problem right now with the xbmc port upstream... I'll
have to ping the maintainer, see if the dep can be changed.

> PS. Guys, what way to make bug reports like above is preferred for
> you? On mail list, Pc-BSD using trac or using github? From one side
> mail list looks faster and more simple, but some reports may be lose.
> From the other side bug tracker need more attention.

Mailing lists are good, but bug-tracker is really the way to go, so that
I don't miss anything when my inbox gets really full.

> PPS Sorry for english again. I have short time to report today.
PPS, english was good! :)

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> Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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