[PC-BSD Testing] Issues after installing latest iso

Priyadarshan testing-pcbsd at bontempi.net
Fri Nov 8 13:39:51 PST 2013


I am meeting three issue after having installed (three times now) the 
latest ISO:


1. Setting ZFS set name at install time

Note: I have two disks which I set up as as a mirror a while back, with:
zpool create -o ashift=12 tank mirror ada0 ada1

The option to give a name different from the default "tank" seem not 
work. If I check the button and input some name, the "next" button does 
not highlight.

If I leave the button unchecked, the set name given at install time is 
"tank1", not "tank", which seem logical, since I already have a "tank" 

2. At install time I selected the nvidia driver, since I have an NVIDIA 
NVS 310 card.

At setup time, I can see the initial card choice is displayed correctly 
("nv"), although the resolution is wrong (1024x768, I believe).

When I try to adjust the resolution (1920x1200), X does not recognise my 
card. It almost seems that the driver is not there? I tried many 
different choices, with no success.

In my previous install (FreeBSD 9-STABLE-p9 #0: Sat Sep 14 01:02:17 UTC 
2013) the card and resolution were properly selected, automatically. 
Right now I am stuck with the generic driver, at 1024x728.

3. It seems that I can't see my old mirror ZFS set anymore. It does not 
shows up in zfs list, nor zpool status. Only the freshly install set 
shows up.

Could it be that FreeBSD-RELEASE-p9's ZFS version is lower than FreeBSD 

How do I go about getting that set back?

At this point, unfortunately, I am unable to use my system.


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