[PC-BSD Testing] unsure of download integrity

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Tue Nov 5 14:42:24 PST 2013

Within the last three days, I downloaded the latest PCBSD iso DVD image 
on/three different occasions,/ only to discover that /_none of them_/ 
synchronized with the MD5 checksum listed on the PCBSD download page.

By coincidence I also downloaded other Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) 
- notably OpenBSD 5.4, Clonaeilla and KWheezy 1.3 Debian OS - all of 
these with correct matching MD5 or SHA256 checksums.

In four years of PCBSD downloads and use, this is the first time for 
this problem.

Can someone at PCBSD explain this issue?

W. Anderson
wanderson at nac.net
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