[PC-BSD Testing] 9.1 updates failing consistently.

Torsten Eichstädt torsten.eichstaedt at web.de
Thu May 9 15:16:28 PDT 2013

> but one thing I've noticed is that in all the installs it has never
> been able to download a single update.
> It knows they are there but just can't get them..
> any suggested tweeks?  log files to  look at?
> under 'select mirror from list' it just says:
> "  <b>Warning</b>: mysql_connect()[<a hre "
> oooh late breaking news... setting a manual mirror of
> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/snapshots
> allowed them to proceed.
Ahh!  I'll have to try that.

BTW: Yesterday 9th of May my /boot/kernel/kernel was deleted by an automatic 
so-called "update" and I had to boot from /bot/kernel.old/kernel instead.  I 
do not think that has to do with the historical 9th of May 1945, because I did 
not choose to come to Germany when I came here from Nebula Andromeda.  The 
"update" left me with
[root at paul-lifebook] /boot# ls kernel|wc -l
[root at paul-lifebook] /boot# ls kernel.old | wc -l

So much for the "quality" of PC-BSD...
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