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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed May 8 08:25:45 PDT 2013

On 05/08/2013 02:22, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> Something with graphics in PC-BSD 9.1 just sux and noone wants to
> address it. That phenomenon happens with most graphics adapters. Plus
> on GUI mode, you cannot access the console using ctl+alt+Fn - the
> screens appears to get corrupted and freezes.
This is a problem inherit to the FreeBSD system + Intel W/KMS drivers.

When the display wizard runs the first time, it's not doing anything
magical, its just letting X auto-detect the best settings / resolution
for your display. However with the newer Intel drivers, there are a
number of bugs this exposes. First, on some Intel chipsets you can only
run once, and when X terminates it hangs the box. Second, and probably
the bigger issue is that the KMS part of the Intel driver kills the
FreeBSD console-modes, I.E. Ctrl-Alt-F1. This is a known issue again
with KMS, since FreeBSD does not have a KMS enabled console driver :(

The first issue could be a bug in the Intel driver itself, but I'm no
driver guy, so I can't say for certain. The second issue is much more
difficult and will require a kernel guy to implement the whole of KMS
into FreeBSD, provide a console frame-buffer driver, etc. So far nobody
has stepped up to the task, and most kernel devs don't want to touch it :(

If you want to bypass the GUI wizard though, you can do so by removing
this file:


That should get you running again.

As for the non-3d mode, it just uses a more "generic" xorg.conf file
with some of the DRI bits turned off. That may be working in your case
if that's where the first bug is being exposed.

> On 8 May 2013 05:39, Julian Elischer <julian at freebsd.org
> <mailto:julian at freebsd.org>> wrote:
>     so got my new lenovo W530 up and installed..
>     graphics going fine.. all looks good.
>     comes up..  puts a little window up (screen s in 1920x 1080 mode)
>     saying
>     "your screen is has been configured for 1920 x 1080.. do you want
>     to keep this setting?"
>     well, it's in that mode now so yes I want to keep it..
>     so click on "yes" and screen goes black and never comes back..
>     !@#$%^&  why didn't it just leave it alone?
>     What's the difference between teh 1920 x 1080 (intel_3d) it was
>     using to ask the question and the 1920 x 1080 it decide to go to
>     that doesn't work? if I run the display wizard it correctly test
>     that mode and asks if I want to keep it. if I hit "yes". I'm dead.
>     any idea as to what is different about the setting being tested
>     that work and the setting that don't work? It is possible the
>     system has actually crashed as it doesn't repond to a quick poke
>     of the power button or to CTL-ALT-BKSPACE..  if I say 'no' and
>     then turn off the 3d, then it works.
>     is there something magical about the mode it's testing with that
>     allows it to work?
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