[PC-BSD Testing] Active Directory

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Wed May 1 19:53:47 PDT 2013

Actually PCBSD has this feature listed here.


After further testing I found out that it does sort of work.  After the initial boot nothing happens I just see my local user.  But if I wait for fast boot to finish starting network services, etc I can log out and GDM will show all  of the users in my active directory.  I could then log as a directory user and it worked one time.  After the initial login I get a message saying that no kerberos servers are amiable.  If I turn fast boot off I can get the full list of users every time.  However I still cannot log in.  I will have to do some more testing some time.

Joe Maloney

On Apr 26, 2013, at 1:08 PM, Arthur Koziol <A-Koziol at neiu.edu> wrote:

> On 4/26/2013 12:32 PM, Joe Maloney wrote:
>> I am trying to connect to active directory on a system that runs 9.1 RELEASE with XFCE.  I have filled out all of the fields, and rebooted.  After configuring through the GUI pc-activedirectory.conf has been popluated with all of the settings for my domain.   However when I reboot and log into GDM I see no difference as I only have my local user to log into.  I tried going to other other and typing domain\myuser but that didn't do anything.  I tried to go to network and browse for the server.  When I connect to the server it still asks for my credentials.
>> After reading your wiki it showed this feature needs more testing and that I would need to report to the testing mailing lists.  Are there any logs, etc I will need to look at to test this feature?  Also I am unsure what exactly this feature is supposed to provide as the documentation didn't really say.  Is is supposed to allow me to authenticate with GDM using my active directory?
>> Joe Maloney
> I am not aware of *any* *nix based OS that works even remotely well with AD. Mac OS has some support for it but it kludgy at best.
> Arthur

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