[PC-BSD Testing] Problems with TrueOS 'jail' network recognition

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Sat Mar 16 01:42:13 PDT 2013

On 03/16/2013 00:01, W. Anderson wrote:
> I successfully installed TrueOS 9.1 recently , and then a Jail via
> 'Warden' via command line. Even though_/I twice /_checked box ports
> install for host, it was not installed until I did a post-install
> 'portsnap fetch and extract'. This needs to be checked.
On TrueOS how do you check a box for the ports? What command did you
create the jail with specifically?

Was it:

 "# warden create <ip> <host> --ports"?

> Real problem is that the jail was configured for SSH, plus
> 'allow.raw_sockets' and 'allow.chflags',  which allows successful
> 'pinging' and root login _/from host/_, but no pinging or ssh login
> from _/any other computer on my network/_. Error message is:
> */"destination host unreachable"/*.
> The ip_address assigned to jail is also within my network ip range.
> This type configuration has been performed several times before  - on
> different hardware, from PCBSD 9.0 and jails setup via 'graphical'
> warden without problems.
> There is no obstruction from network firewall and no firewall was
> installed on TrueOS host. Network access and even a Web Content
> Management System (CMS) website are accessible on _/host /_machine
> from anywhere.
That's a real weird issue. Can you ping the host system from elsewhere
on the network? No IP collision with another jail / system? Can you post
output of "ifconfig" for your interface?

> What could be wrong?
> wanderson at nac.net
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