[PC-BSD Testing] Problems with TrueOS 'jail' network recognition

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Fri Mar 15 21:01:32 PDT 2013

I successfully installed TrueOS 9.1 recently , and then a Jail via
'Warden' via command line. Even though_/I twice /_checked box ports
install for host, it was not installed until I did a post-install
'portsnap fetch and extract'. This needs to be checked.

Real problem is that the jail was configured for SSH, plus
'allow.raw_sockets' and 'allow.chflags',  which allows successful
'pinging' and root login _/from host/_, but no pinging or ssh login from
_/any other computer on my network/_. Error message is: */"destination
host unreachable"/*.

The ip_address assigned to jail is also within my network ip range. This
type configuration has been performed several times before  - on
different hardware, from PCBSD 9.0 and jails setup via 'graphical'
warden without problems.

There is no obstruction from network firewall and no firewall was
installed on TrueOS host. Network access and even a Web Content
Management System (CMS) website are accessible on _/host /_machine from

What could be wrong?

wanderson at nac.net

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