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Hey there!

I spoke with Kris just to make sure, but we have never had the usr
directory in a jail.  It's a big no no for us to move that directory we
just don't mess with it.  In regards to your second question we
discontinued using denyhosts in place of fail2ban.  Fail2ban is a lot more
robust and protects against brute force, ssh, and more.  It also protects
all services instead of just SSH.  Check out more info on fail2ban it's a
big step forward for security.


-Josh Smith

On Sat 9/03/13 2:43 AM , finid at linuxbsdos.com wrote:Hi,

 Just taking a closer look at PC-BSD 9.1, and noticed a few changes from 
 previous editions.

 1. Users' home directories used to be in a jail under /usr, but this 
 no longer seems to be the case. What happened?

 2. In the last previous edition I used, ssh server was protected out 
 of the box using Denyhosts. In 9.1, Denyhosts does not even have a PBI. 
 What's the idea behind dropping Denyhosts from a default install?


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