[PC-BSD Testing] Nvidia GT 210 issue update

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Jun 28 13:56:21 PDT 2013

On 06/28/2013 15:43, Jacob . D wrote:
> Hi, I found a way to re-install PC-BSD by toggling the "vesa" option after loader is finished, obviously that's the only way to enter the setup program.
> I looked in the  "customize" selection button in the setup menu, there are no "legacy"  drivers there (at least from what I could see) only saw the 304 driver with the 310 xconfig and and the 310 settings tools
> Problem is these  cause a boot-loop, and no  "legacy"  drivers are listed, also when booting the setup program from DVD, if you check the box for the nvidia drivers, it freezes and does not recover.
> I would find it strange that Nvidia lists my GPU as "covered" but yet, it does not work?
It only lists it as that if the nvidia driver is working for the
installer, which sounds like it does. The installer one is the latest
nvidia driver we use in the base system as well. Maybe after
installation something else is conflicting with the driver, causing
these issues? When you test the "real" driver, can run you "dmesg" and
do you see any NVRM: messages near the bottom? Those would be coming
from the driver and may help us determine the cause.

> I am going maybe safely assume that it is the Video BIOS\Firmware at fault or specialty\vendor specific  GPU tweaks Bio-star made to this GPU Board.
> Also after booting into the real installation, and setting up root \ normal user names , ntp and whatever I choose not to accept the default settings for video configuration and selected the "nv" driver with 16bpp instead of 24, works well enough for "most" 3D games, except neverball lags quite a bit, even on minimal settings, which is what I have to do for most , if not all the games. 
> Thanks for all the awesome and generous\copious amounts of patience  you guys have given out towards me!
> This is why I love the BSD community, everyone tries to help you out, instead of just saying something rude & critical like "google it" or RTFM!
> Again, Thanks!
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