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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Jun 21 10:39:20 PDT 2013

On 06/20/2013 11:50, nemysis wrote:
>> For those helping us test the rolling-release now, I hope to have a new
>> ISO + package set available in the next week or so, which includes the
>> new GRUB boot-loader for Boot-Environments. I will post back details on
>> how to manually setup / test this feature in the near future. Once these
>> new features have stabilized a bit further, we will begin to issue
>> general updates for users of the old 9.1-RELEASE from January to upgrade
>> to 9.1 Rolling Release.
> Hi Kris,
> Thanks for the update and awesome PC-BSD.
> I have moved to FreeBSD/PC-BSD/TrueOS and no more use GRUB, I prefer FreeBSD boot loader (boot0cfg).
> I am not using ZFS but use UFS+SUJ.
> Could you have a option to have in install Menu both FreeBSD boot loader (boot0cfg) and GRUB?
> Regards,
> nemysis
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Its not planned going forward, since we are standardizing on ZFS.
However if you *really* want to use UFS / boot0, then you can install
regular FreeBSD, then just grab our packages from the repo, and end up
with a hybrid. Be warned though, more and more of our utils are going to
be using ZFS features as time goes on.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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