[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 77, Issue 18

Jacob . D frag-artists at cox.net
Thu Jun 20 00:11:01 PDT 2013

VLC 2.0.6 downloads ridiculously  fast, yet others do not?  only gets to 93% (Timed out)  when downloading at a breakneck 12MB/s 

every else downloads at 600~kb/s ?

Is VLC on  a different server node?

also your Firefox and chromium PBI's are horrible they don't work with Facebook or Youtube , much less the most popular link sharing services, bit.ly and owl.ly

The submission/copy&paste buttons get disfigured and distorted when sharing various materials.

Action needed to replicate:

For bit.ly and owl.ly
Choose an URL or any web-link to input into the link shortening  field , watch the submission button become distorted and illegible after clicking the said button

Tried both FreeBSD ports and PBI 

Error not apparent when using pkg_add  - r for chromium , so most likely a build / use-flag issue

for youtube:

no specific action required, video placeholders mysteriously disappear / reappear erratically making browsing you tube difficult

Error apparent in both ports and PBI for firefox , so maybe a significantly larger issue?

I have a guy  who is a BSD developer and runs his on rolling release type thing , to allow both FreeBSD users and PC-BSD users to be able to use Gnome-shell and cinnamon window managers /UI

he is located at:


he replicated these bugs with the above information I have provided...

see his bug tracker for the other required information's, like the troubleshooting process we discussed on it

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