[PC-BSD Testing] Very nice artwork on the new 9.1 and coming 9.2 CDN rolling release; Thanks for that and more

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 01:22:50 PDT 2013

So I still don't know how to find out what exact revision/branch my PCBSD
is now at after random updates over the last 5 months. How can I find out?
can we have an "about this pcbsd" entry soemwhere that reporst patch levels
etc? and is it true I need to totally reinstall for 9.2?


I also would like to know how to find out, what patch level you are at...
honestly it would be GREAT to have this available from the command line...
something that can be scripted...

This rolling release thing is a GREAT idea... but at the same time we are
NOT linux, so we need to have some sort of an idea where in time we stand,
with whatever system we have running...

So as I understand it, for the most part PC-BSD is just a superset of
FreeBSD... so somehow we need to know 2 things...

so we have a svn tag for FreeBSD, this tells us where in time we are at in
relation to FreeBSD's svn tree...
now PC-BSD uses git... we now need a way to find out where we sit in
relation to PC-BSD's git tree...

in theory these revision #'s should be easy to store someplace...

and am I thinking correctly here? the long term vision is... PC-BSD is a
port in the FreeBSD ports tree... so..

You can install plain vanilla FreeBSD, then from a plain jane install:

portsnap fetch extract && cd /usr/ports/PC-BSD && make install && reboot

then bam you have a PC-BSD system with xorg, kde4 the wifi manager, the
warden, the appcafe the whole works...
can this happen in the future?

Sam Fourman Jr.
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