[PC-BSD Testing] Ecncrypted swap on zfs

Axel Gonzalez loox at e-shell.net
Sun Jul 28 00:04:01 PDT 2013

Not sure if swapexd uses crypto or not, so I created this patch to make
encrypted swap with zfs (code borrowed from zvol and encswap)

- Replace /etc/rc.d/zvol with attached file.

To create a swap volume:

# zfs create -V <size> tank0/swap  
# zfs set checksum=off tank0/swap      
# zfs set org.freebsd:encswap=on tank0/swap

The property is org.freebsd:encswap (org.freebsd:swap is the unencryped


Sun Jul 28 01:57:56 2013 GMT

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