[PC-BSD Testing] Issue fixed somehow, booting worked perfect

Hans Ruhe hansruhe1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 13:06:11 PDT 2013

Hi Kris, Lars and Josh,

I tried the PCBSD CDN Latest Stable again after a fresh download and now it
is working.

Perhaps something went wrong during download or so, because I remember some
message during download , something about locked as another application is
using..... etc.
I will test it further tomorrow, but I already came to the new very good
looking install screen :-)

Wow that is looking great !! I am very curious, perhaps I will make it a
nightwork for me :-)

I will keep in touch.

By the way it is very nice to cooperate with you  all . I like to help out
anytime !

Best regards,
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