[PC-BSD Testing] 210 Issues

Jacob . D frag-artists at cox.net
Sun Jul 14 13:52:06 PDT 2013

My 520, which is asus, works fine with stock drivers, the ones included with the PC-BSD DVD installation medium.

How ever as I tried to "upgrade" my GPU drivers for the 520 in a non-approved way, i.e. ports or from nvidia's website, it would fail, with an XORG error of "no screens found"

I would get the screen artifact issue, and this happens both on my AMD Phenom system and my intel box, both have latest system board BIOS

How ever, as I discussed previously, the 210, which is of the "Bio-star" brand  is  made differently at the factory, than EVGA or other brands, but it is also 512MB

It works fine with the Fedora live distro, even 3-D acceleration works out of the box with the open sourced nouveau driver, and according to my testing & research it may be a problem with the firm ware Bio-star has on their GPU... as Fedora was the only one I tested and was able to get the card to work, without issue. as suse, gentoo, arch and others did not like it... I am planning to test slack-ware next.

But I am very happy, glad and relieved that no one else has the same issue as me.

As I posted on the ix systems forum, I live in a rural (country, out - of - city limits) as opposed urban(city) area that has very bad electricity  and all my efforts to rectify this issue have been so far unsuccessful.

Buying  a APC UPS (back-ups pro 1500) does not seem to he helping any.

I often get frequent "brown-outs" or un-safe drops in voltage to where it would only be 80 volts instead of 120 VAC

I measured this with a volt-meter .

Thanks all the generous giving of help!

I am truly appreciative and grateful for you assistance. 

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