[PC-BSD Testing] CDN and other Comments

Jacob . D frag-artists at cox.net
Fri Jul 12 13:24:13 PDT 2013

Congrats on the new CDN!

It is much faster than the mirror based system but occasionally , it 
drops to significantly lower levels of speed than the isc.org mirror I 
used,(60-530kbps) this happens , specifically in the afternoon between 
12:00PM and 2:00PM American Central standard time or GMT -6, otherwise I 
get around 11-30MB/s.

How ever, I continue to have Nvidia issues even though I have recently 
have purchased a new 520GT card, specifically the one listed at the 
PC-BSD hardware store..... it's an asus passively cooled 520.

BUT!! instead of having issues with the card no matter which action I 
enact, this time problems only arise when I install the closed sourced 
driver from nvida's  website or through ports, ..the 310 driver 

the problems are exactly the same as before with the 210 card, which are 
discolored check boxes and buttons... some times they are a pink-ish 
purples (the checkboxes) and some buttons are completely covered up in a 
navy blue when you hover over them , making them impossible to read. 
this also happens when you hover over the app's name in the "installed" 
tab on app cafe.

This does not happen on a clean install, with the full dvd version, but 
I am using the USB-LITE image now , since I lost my disc and don't have 
any spare to re-image or have a sufficently large enough USB-stick\drive 
as I have plenty of those, but only up to a limited 2GB capacity.

My Guess would be both ports and the official driver from nvidia's site 
replaces some meta-package files , maybe or something else?

are there any sort of log files I can attach or send for any one to 


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