[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD handbook HTML version took longer to open than FreeBSD handbook

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Fri Jan 4 07:02:32 PST 2013

    On 01/03/2013 23:28, claive alvin
      Acedilla wrote:

    Can the PC-BSD handbook HTML version be designed like
      the FreeBSD handbook html version where the first page is just the
      table of contents for fast browsing of topics. The FreeBSD
      handbook also has an option to display the whole book in one page
      but it is an option because a one page to display the whole book
      will take longer to load.

    We may be able to create a "landing" page or something to bring up
    the first page quicker. Dru, is this something we can easily do on
    the wiki?

The wiki is already formatted this way. However, the wiki is for creating the next version, not the current version of the Handbook. The HTML version is actually a file on the FTP server.

I've cc'd in tigersharke who is working on the html template for his thoughts.



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