[PC-BSD Testing] USB Image Issues

frag-artists at cox.net frag-artists at cox.net
Wed Jan 2 04:01:09 PST 2013


If you install via usb, regardless of the image  you select to download and use the said usb to install it more than once, on the same computer or various other machines,...

It does not seem as if the UFS filesystem that the uncompressed image is unpacked as is too durable, as the journal for the filesystem gets corrupt!  therefore making install to other pc's not viable or workable as it asks for you to type the full path of kernel to proceed, due to the corrupted journal issue mentioned above.

Is this a problem with defective USB Drives(Hardware) or an issue with the UFS Filesystem(Software, Drivers,etc) not being totally 100% with the usb medium?

If either, how would an end user fix it, if possible?

I went on to IRC (#pcbsd, on Freenode) some time ago, and it seemed like there were two other users having this issue.

I would like to Thank you for all your dedicated efforts thus far, and I deeply appreciate this wonderful enterprise class OS you have been working on ,

Keep up the good work!

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