[PC-BSD Testing] Gnome top panel Icon missing

Andreas Hotz aufderalb at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 6 03:53:42 PST 2013

Hallo out there !

After reboot some of the icons pasted in the top panel
of gnome are missing !

For example:  I added a shutdown icon and after reboot
                       it's gone

System: PC-BSD 9.1 RC 64bit

Thanks you for your support !

(PS: Good idear with the rolling release brainstorm/planing....)

PS: for Kris Moore: I tried a lot of Linux distro's the last few weeks,
      maybe sometimes the userfriendly performance is not the same
      that itś on Linux ( but strongly on it's way )

      but PC-BSD 9.1 (ZFS) runs like a charm... Thanks to you !


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