[PC-BSD Testing] Virtual box can't import appliance because not root

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 18 00:29:00 PST 2013

I'm running PCBSD 9.2 and tried to import a Bitnami VMware appliance into Virtual Box (converts it to .OVF file) using this procedure: http://wiki.bitnami.com/Virtual_Appliances_Quick_Start_Guide#Virtual_Box

But it failed with an error that the file (bitnami-alfresco-4.2.e-2-ubuntu-12.04.vmdk) wasn't owned by root.  I changed the ownership but it still failed.

I deleted the virtual machine and created it again but since VB is not running as root it couldn't find the file in the "select existing hard drive" dialog box.

Anyway out of this conundrum? Can I run VB as root some how?

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