[PC-BSD Testing] Rolling release criticism

Josh Smith joshms at pcbsd.org
Tue Dec 17 11:13:39 PST 2013

On 12/17/2013 2:00 PM, Claudio L. wrote:
> On 12/17/2013 10:38, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Well, in this case I think Claudio has done plenty to push the project
>> along :) He's the author of the fantastic new "ZFS / Disk Manager GUI"
>> that has gone in recently.
> Thanks, you saved me from replying to that "if you want it fixed, 
> learn to code" comment, and you did it in a much more polite manner 
> than I was planning to.
> My intent was not to complain, but to start discussing ideas to fix 
> what I see doesn't work well (at least for me it isn't).
I took your comment as good constructive criticism Claudio and I think 
that's the best way to look at it when anyone brings a problem to us.  
Sometimes we all get caught up with the churn like Kris said so it's 
helpful when people can help us pinpoint general weaknesses that can be 
seriously damaging the usability of PC-BSD.  We sincerely appreciate the 
work you've already put into PC-BSD and we value everyone's opinions and 
criticisms so i'd like to encourage everyone involved in development to 
allow good honest dialogue.

Best Regards,


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