[PC-BSD Testing] Rolling release criticism

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 16 19:50:09 PST 2013

I agree, it's terribly frustrating.

I'd say more testing and release updates only every quarter unless it's a security issue.

I stopped using T-bird with Gmail because it's too slow and buggy.

I long for the day when Flash is dead!

There exists a similar problem with Drupal - but at least there I can use a deployment manager to clone a website, test updates and deploy the DB on the new platform after testing.  Pity there isn't a similar two-step process with the OS, i.e., some way of rolling back easily like setting a restore point in Windoze.


On Monday, December 16, 2013 5:55 PM, Claudio L. <claudio at hpgcc3.org> wrote:
>It's been a while since the switch to a rolling release, and now looking 
>back I can see things that are going well and things that not so much.
>We used to have more stability, and the developers more time to test the 
>packages. Now with the rolling release it seems nothing gets tested.
>Here's my main frustration with the rolling release:
>1) I'm spending 40 minutes every 2 weeks or less, applying patches to 
>the OS. That's a lot of time I could dedicate to "using" the operating 
>system (and for whatever reason, updates are very slow)
>2) A while ago, when we switched from 9.1 to 9.2, the Conversations 
>plugin for Thunderbird stopped working, now I can't use it on PCBSD 
>anymore (to this day I don't know why, but it fails on all my machines, 
>both upgraded and fresh-installed).
>3) Last weekend, I applied updates to one of my machines. After that, 
>flash wasn't working on any browser. I had to stop what I was doing and 
>google how to fix it. No big deal, it works now.
>4) Yesterday, I applied more updates, and when I was going to get to 
>work, VirtualBox no longer starts any of my VM's (it errors something 
>about permissions), so I couldn't get anything done.
>5) Today, I applied updates to a PCBSD VM I have on a laptop, and turns 
>out I'm gettting "sqlite: database disk image is malformed 
>(pkgdb.c:1274)", and no updates are possible anymore.
>What's happening? I'm not using 10.0 because I wanted a more stable OS, 
>one where I can start Qt Creator and do some work, read some emails, use 
>a browser and run a couple VM's. Only Qt Creator works, the other things 
>are somewhat broken right now.
>I'm a fan of PCBSD, but it's getting hard to use it as my main OS when 
>basic things keep breaking down.
>I think it's time to think of a way to prevent this from happening. 
>Maybe there should be some sort of automated unit testing for things 
>that are included in the basic install? Something that can be run before 
>issuing the packages to make sure things don't break?
>Perhaps twice a month updates is too fast, maybe it's better to do 
>updates monthly? or bi-monthly? That would give more time to check the 
>I don't know, just throwing ideas in the air to see if things can get 
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