[PC-BSD Testing] 10-STABLE-p4: service manager crashing

Priyadarshan testing-pcbsd at bontempi.net
Mon Dec 2 08:16:01 PST 2013


It seems the latest ISO (FreeBSD 10-STABLE-p4) still has the Service 
Manager app (inside PCBSD control panel) crashing.

System logs report a message from kernel:

pid 22813 (pc-servicemanager), uid 0: exited on signal 11

For now, everything else looks very good.


PS: I know one has the option to report bugs via tracker as well, but I 
am very grateful that mailing list is also supported. I subscribe to the 
view that email is quite often the better way to deal with bug tracking. 
A few large developer communities do that, see, for example: 

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