[PC-BSD Testing] 10.0 stable testing goes well so far

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 21:42:28 PST 2013

Flash is working for me in Web for Gnome3 (Epiphany).  It's not working
in PBI's yet even with flashpluginctl on.  Sound with flash didn't work
initially in flash until I replaced the following files with the
original -dist.


I've noticed this file appears to be generated whenever a default sound device is set.
However I had to also set a special sysctl to get my sound to work.  


This may be part of the reason I am unable to use the generated config 
but I will need to test further on a system which I do not have to set a sysctl.

Joe Maloney

On Sun, 2013-12-01 at 15:48 +0100, Hans Ruhe wrote:
> Hello Kris and team,
> So far so good. I have a new motherboard as the other one could not
> handle a bios flash unfortenately. Now I have the Asus Z87I- PRO and a
> Pentium G3220 with 8GB internal memory. 
> Things go pretty good here, except (unfortunately that seems to be a
> re occuring issue ) seting up the X server for my Nvidia GT 520 is not
> working at once. It is recognized though so that is not the issue. 
> Furthermore playing flash is not working, neither in Opera as in
> Firefox. I am testing the KDE desktop now. I also installed Gnome and
> XFCE. See what will happen there :-) 
> Best regards,
> Hans
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