[PC-BSD Testing] ATI video problem (10.0 image) and/or remote ssh access

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Sun Dec 1 01:39:36 PST 2013


I've problem with 10.0 image(s) and my netbook having integrated ATI
Radeon X200 card.

After submitting ticket, it was closed and I was told to contact FreeBSD
devs which I did and I'm told to try with possible workaround for
problem in detecting integrated cards in new ATI driver.

I do set: hw.pci.default_vgapci_unit="0" param in grub, but that freezes
machine after launchine gui installer - one can't use neither mouse nor

FreeBSD dev recommended to try to access machine remotely via ssh and to
provide dmesg & xorg.log, but it seems there is no sshd available in
installation iso image?

Any hint how to troubleshoot it?


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