[PC-BSD Testing] VNC installed with fresh install of 9.2

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Fri Aug 30 05:12:41 PDT 2013

My suggestion would be to start a wizard after installation that could give the option to turn it on or off. This model could be followed for other pkgs.

If I was to compare PC-BSD’s development with that of Linux I would prefer to follow the model of Crunchbang and not Ubuntu, both a rework of Debian. Present the user with an elegant and simple wizard that would allow them to chose only those aspects of the operating system that fit them without trying to guess what pkgs to install/delete or enable/disable, for example:

Do you want to have remote access to your Desktop? yes/no

Develop the wizard in such a way that anyone from the community can contribute to it by adding other aspect of the operating system.

There is a danger of making PC-BSD fat and heavy if we try to address with the standard installation all possible uses.
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