[PC-BSD Testing] make distribution is broken

Ian Walker list-pcbsd at ianwalker.net
Wed Aug 28 09:12:16 PDT 2013

Hey Folks -

I'm new to the list so apologies if I break protocol. I believe our 
system-source-fetching tool is pulling in a /usr/src revision that still 
has a broken "make distribution". Please reference the following PR for 


Note that the patch on that page simply does a revert on the commit 
that switched the "ln" commands to "install" commands in the Makefile's, 
as well as a couple more things that don't appear to be necessary. That 
reverse patch cannot be directly applied to our version of the source. 
Hacker that I am, I simply did the quick fix given below.

Regards -


--- share/mk/bsd.own.mk.orig	2013-08-28 09:13:07.929272346 -0400
+++ share/mk/bsd.own.mk	2013-08-28 09:13:14.192948000 -0400
@@ -195,8 +195,10 @@
  #HRDLINK?=	-l h
  #SYMLINK?=	-l s

+INSTALL_LINK?=		ln -f

  # Common variables
  .if !defined(DEBUG_FLAGS)

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