[PC-BSD Testing] Mount tray detects SCSI disks as USB devices

Claudio L. claudio at hpgcc3.org
Tue Aug 27 04:32:25 PDT 2013

One correction:
On 08/25/2013 12:46, Claudio L. wrote:
>> da1 is listed as a "USB Device", and then it fails to mount (tries to 
>> mount with mount_msdosfs). This is particularly weird, since da0 is 
>> not shown, only its slices, but da1 shows as a separate disk.
>> da1s1 is also listed as "USB Device" (even though it's my root ZFS 
>> disk already mounted).
>> da2 is correctly listed under its Windows label

I recently swapped the cables and got confused when writing the post, so 
my root ZFS drive is actually da2, not da1 (sorry, my mistake), and da2 
is not shown, so the paragraph above should've said:

da1 is listed as USB Device (even though it shouldn't be listed).
da1s1 is correctly listed under its Windows label.

da2 is not shown at all (which is correct).


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