[PC-BSD Testing] Mount tray detects SCSI disks as USB devices

Claudio L. claudio at hpgcc3.org
Sun Aug 25 09:46:51 PDT 2013

I have a Dell SAS hardware raid card on my workstation with 3 hard drives:

da0, with 3 NTFS partitions da0s1, da0s2 and da0s3.
da1, with one single FreeBSD partition
da2 with an NTFS partition

Mount tray is listing my drives in a very weird way:

da0s1 is correctly listed under its Windows label
da0s2 is listed as "USB Device" (doesn't have a Windows label)
da0s3 is correctly listed under its Windows label

da1 is listed as a "USB Device", and then it fails to mount (tries to 
mount with mount_msdosfs). This is particularly weird, since da0 is not 
shown, only its slices, but da1 shows as a separate disk.
da1s1 is also listed as "USB Device" (even though it's my root ZFS disk 
already mounted).

da2 is correctly listed under its Windows label

It seems to me something is wrong with the USB subsystem and it is 
overlapping the drive names between the SCSI emulated USB drives, and my 
real SCSI drives.
On VirtualBox, even using a SCSI controller, no disks are shown on the 
mount tray.
This is consistent and happens with a fresh install plus latest patches 
of the 9.1 rolling release series.

Also, I'm using XFCE, and it properly recognizes the drives and shows 
icons on the desktop (better than the mount tray). But if manually 
mounting my da2 drive from the desktop or Thunar file manager, only half 
of the folders on the disk show up (I unmount quickly without doing 
anything to avoid data corruption). If I mount from the mount tray, the 
files appear correctly. I think XFCE is using mount_ntfs vs ntfs-3g in 
the mount tray?


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