[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9.2-RC1 images available

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Aug 20 13:51:37 PDT 2013

The latest PC-BSD 9.2-RELEASE images (Based upon FreeBSD 9.2-RC1) images are now online! Users who install this image will then be able to online update to a FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE kernel / world when it is announced. 

Download it now

DVD and USB images are now available for download at the location below:

http://iso.cdn.pcbsd.org/9.2-RELEASE/amd64/ <http://iso.cdn.pcbsd.org/9-STABLE/amd64/>

Changes since the last ISO

* Addition of the "lpreserver" CLI utility
   - Allows you to schedule ZFS snapshot creation
   - Supports ZFS send/recv to replicate your entire system to a remote machine
   - Logging & E-mail Reporting of snapshot / replication status
   - Basic ZFS monitor will warn of zpool failures or low disk space
   - GUI utility will be included in the next ISOs

* Desktops can now set / change the system hostname during the first boot wizard

* Fixed an issue with Warden creating templates on non '/' mounted zpools

* Seperate SWAP partitions are now created along side a zpool
  - When using raidz / mirroring, SWAP will be setup with 'gmirror' across all disks

* The Warden GUI can now launch a graphical package manager for your jails under "Tools"

* Fixed an issue with GRUB showing "no symbol table" errors at boot

* Added a "pkg" wrapper to the CLI, which will do cleanup & conflict resolution during package operations

Highlights for the upcoming 9.2-RELEASE


* Bootable ZFS Boot Environments 
   - Using GRUB2, any new ZFS boot-environments created via the "beadm" command will be added to the boot-loader and available at boot-time

* Re-written Life-Preserver utility, will allow you to instantly create ZFS snapshots, restore files, and replicate data to a remote system. 

* New 'pc-bootcfg' GUI, Allows managing ZFS boot-environments and GRUB menus in a single location

* PNGNG support
   - In addition to PBIs and the AppCafe, system admins and power users will now have access to a full PKGNG repository with frequent updates
* Switched over to CDN for downloads
   - No more having to hunt for a closest mirror, downloads will automatically pull from our CDN service hosted by ScaleEngine 

* New version of AppCafe 
   - New streamlining and PBI management functionality

* GitHub Migration
   - All PC-BSD / TrueOS sources are now available via GitHub (https://github.com/pcbsd/ and  <https://github.org/trueos>https://github.com/trueos/)

* Warden Updates
   - Support for setting various jail options via the GUI
   - Option to create jail "templates" based upon different versions of FreeBSD
   - Support for VIMAGE jails
   - Jails without any IPV4 or IPV6 address assigned

* Graphical PKGNG manager
   - GUI supports basic or advanced mode, which allows full package management / upgrades

* Home directory encryption
   - PEFS based encryption, allows users to encrypt their home-directory contents with their login password, which is only unencrypted while logged in

* Boot times improved substantially

* FreeBSD/TrueOS 9.2

* Binary "freebsd-update" server implemented allowing updates to different PC-BSD branches without re-compiling

Get Involved

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Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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