[PC-BSD Testing] Virtualbox 4.2.16_2 bridged mode broken with Isotope Infusion

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 08:52:38 PDT 2013

On a fresh install of Isotope Infusion i installed 4.2.16_2.  I've
verified that the vboxdrv.ko was added automaticaly by the PBI to
/boot/grub/grub.cfg.  Virtualbox launches and I can create a virtual
machine.  It works until I change the adapter to bridged mode.

I've often encountered this problem with beta releases of PC-BSD in
the past and I've always noticed it would be fixed by the stable
releases.  The problem as far as I can tell seems to be if running
kernel does not match what virtualbox was built with.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there perhaps a solution I am
not thinking of to get this working?  I'm not sure if this is the best
place to ask since this is a PBI issue but also a rolling release
question so I will also post this to the forums under PBI-discusion.

Joe Maloney

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