[PC-BSD Testing] grub boot loader & kernel modules

Ilya Bakulin ilya at bakulin.de
Thu Aug 8 14:50:55 PDT 2013

On 08.08.13 21:47, Julian Elischer wrote:
>> 2. Write the code yourself, spend time to commit it, do not release
>> your product until the feature is in the upstream.
>> Nice, but can delay the product appearance significantly, maybe your
>> product won't get to its customer because the customer
>> was not patient enough and uses another product based on $another_os now.
> funny you should mention that.. I DID write the original first and
> second stage boot loaders.
> (well  largely.. I cribbed some code from several places)

:-) Yes, funny enough.

>> What you do is refusing to use PC-BSD because of boot loader, although
>> this is still the same FreeBSD system fine-tuned for desktop usage.
>> I don't understand it. Maybe I don't see some obvious things, sorry.
> I want the same system I test in various places to be the same. Now I
> have to have a completely different setup on my laptop?

If the different boot loader makes the setup "completely different",
then yes, you have to.
For other >90% of users it doesn't mean completely different setup,
and at the same time they can enjoy the new features.
Isn't it nice?

Of course, another option might be to support TWO boot loaders out of
the box...
But this doesn't bring anything but complication.
Ilya Bakulin

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