[PC-BSD Testing] grub boot loader & kernel modules

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 8 12:47:26 PDT 2013

On 8/7/13 4:32 PM, Ilya Bakulin wrote:
> On 2013-08-07 05:55, Julian Elischer wrote:
>>  unfortunately you've probably lost me as a user due to this
>> departure from what freeBSD does.
>>  I really need a FreeBSD system that happens to have good laptop and
>> desktop support, not some random other thing.
> What do you call a "departure"? Using another boot loader to 
> accomplish nessesary functionality?
> Sorry, I really cannot understand this.
> The FreeBSD Project makes a wonderful operating system, but please 
> bear in mind, that this OS has only
> those features that are needed by the developers of the FreeBSD 
> Project.
> Sometimes it can happen that someone is building a FreeBSD-based 
> product and suddenly discovers
> that some features are not (yet) available. What is he supposed to do?
> There are several possible choices.
> 1. Say "oh, FreeBSD is crap because it doesn't have feature X, I'm 
> going to use $another_os".
> This kind of feedback is not interesting to the project, I think.
> 2. Write the code yourself, spend time to commit it, do not release 
> your product until the feature is in the upstream.
> Nice, but can delay the product appearance significantly, maybe your 
> product won't get to its customer because the customer
> was not patient enough and uses another product based on $another_os 
> now.

funny you should mention that.. I DID write the original first and 
second stage boot loaders.
(well  largely.. I cribbed some code from several places)

> 3. Implement the needed functionality using other methods, release 
> the product, give the feedback to upstream about missing features.
> This is what PC-BSD has done. Instead of delaying the appearance of 
> the new PC-BSD version with some wonderful new features,
> PC-BSD developers have released it, replacing only the boot loader, 
> and wrote what they need from upstream to implement those features
> using only FreeBSD components. This helps spreading PC-BSD and 
> increases user base, eventually more people will use PC-BSD and 
> FreeBSD,
> then someone will implement missing bits in FreeBSD loader and 
> everyone will be happy.
I use FreeBSD machines all the time and want the same system 
everywhere, not this here and that there.  Anyhow yes I do contribute..
> What you do is refusing to use PC-BSD because of boot loader, 
> although this is still the same FreeBSD system fine-tuned for 
> desktop usage.
> I don't understand it. Maybe I don't see some obvious things, sorry.
I want the same system I test in various places to be the same. Now I 
have to have a completely different setup on my laptop?
> -- 
> Ilya
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