[PC-BSD Testing] grub boot loader & kernel modules

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 18:45:18 PDT 2013

> That being said, GRUB is not my first choice. I would *really* prefer
> that we have a BSD-licensed boot-loader which can do all the things GRUB
> can do and more. However, I'm not going to wait another 5 years for that
> to happen, in the meantime we have real-world features we want and need
> to support that will make the desktop / server experience safer & better.

I am a LONG time FreeBSD user, I use FreeBSD almost exclusively for my own
personal and professional needs.
when I recommend FreeBSD to others, I almost ALWAYS point them toward

PC-BSD has done a Great job over the years at providing a usable
experience... they always do the things that NEED to be done
and I support this... a few years ago there was a wine issue, this issue of
wine on amd64, is STILL to this day being talked about on the mailing lists
and still without a fix... but partly because of PC-BSD, a binary option
has been maintained and distributed...

the same can be said for the boot loader, I don't think anyone likes the
option of GRUB, but the fact remains there is so much we can't do with just
the FreeBSD loader
So, in the end I support the use of GRUB in PC-BSD.. it is a step forward,
no one is denying that... GRUB in no way hinders me from doing my work, in
fact it makes dual booting easier in a way.
we can't wait for a better boot loader in FreeBSD, not when GRUB can so
easily be used..

I would hope that the way that GRUB is implemented in PC-BSD, is in some
way committed to the FreeBSD ports tree before the release, because if that
were to happen, then PC-BSD is on no way "deviating" from FreeBSD's
way they are simply installing a port...

PC-BSD is a great project, it is needed, and the people involved to great
work.. and most of all that work is appreciated...

I would hope everyone could see this as a step in the right direction,
knowing that GRUB will quickly be replaced with a BSD option when one
becomes available.

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Sam Fourman Jr.
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