[PC-BSD Testing] IPV6 works in win8pro not BSD? , other problems

frag-artists at cox.net frag-artists at cox.net
Fri Apr 26 18:52:16 PDT 2013

Hi! ,

I have a few  problems I want to address, some pertaining to Internet access/usage
Others system issues, mostly about the PC-BSD control panel.

One :
IPV6 works in my copy of win8 pro, but on PC-BSD?

In the network configuration icon/tab in the control panel.. it gives me a "FE" prefix, which I understand is a loop back(or place holder) address of some sort and does not work

How ever I get a totally different address in win 8 pro for ipv6 it started out with twenty something followed by a weird combination /hash of letters , semicolons and other things
and according to an ipv6 test site on Google , I was(the system) primarily using IPV6 by default and had a IPV6 to 4 tunnel involved called "Torendo"

Is there any specific extra required steps I need to execute in order to get it  (IPV6) working in PC-BSD? or is not implemented yet?

The second issue is that nearly all submission buttons simply do not work at all, and either show up deformed(pixelized ,distorted/jaggy) or become illegible after clicking said button.
After such, it does not initiate  the desired function of uploading a file( photo's on Facebook) shortening links on the bit.ly web service, or using the Facebook API on various 3-rd party websites either to create accounts to use their services or to login using the API of Facebook.

This seems to be nasty system issue with a configuration of a certain file or files as this happens on all the available major browsers  that I have downloaded via app cafe'
these include firefox20 opera  12.14 and chromium 25

This is a severe and critical hindrance of my web usage/activities and I would gladly send /attach(either here or on the forums) any error logs or other system information /debugging material that I will able to provide, if directed to it's proper location

Also , why are the multimedia streaming plugins packed only for firefox 20 and not the other major browsers? If I understand correctly the PBI arch has the capacity to share these libraries with the other browsers , so why are /is there not even some symlinks going on? the only extra plugin that appears to function in all browsers is the adobe flash plugin

Is there a specific reasoning to this, or is it a slight oversight by the packager?

Also, as many others have reported on the forums and this mailing list, when will you fix the control panel from crashing/freezing? it ceases to function( all icons get greyed out, and requires a sig-kill -9 to terminate ) once you open the network configuration tab/icon, click the appcafe' icon, then install stuff or leave the control panel open for too long

These control panel issues have been resident since 9.0-Release.

Keep up the good work so far on bringing BSD to the masses and it making it more user friendly and intuitive!


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