[PC-BSD Testing] URGENT: Compatibility Information for PC-BSD Webstore

joshms at pcbsd.org joshms at pcbsd.org
Tue Apr 9 11:59:38 PDT 2013


Good Day Everyone,

  The PC-BSD team will be launching a new webstore designed to take the
hassle out of knowing what hardware works with BSD and what doesn't.   I
need your help to know what motherboards, video cards, network cards, wifi
cards, and laptops you have found work great with PC-BSD.  If the hardware
works as it's supposed to with no problems that's the kind of thing we need
for the webstore.  If you have already posted in the hardware
compatibility sub forums on pcbsd.org i've already added that information
to the database so there's no need to duplicate it here.  Please send your
responses directly to me (joshms at pcbsd.org) so we don't flood everyone's
inbox.  Thanks in advance everyone.  If you have any questions be sure to
let me know.




Josh S.

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