[PC-BSD Testing] Another Flash Issue

Jacob Daniels jacob.dan1984 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:49:26 PDT 2012


I'm here to report another Adobe Flash issue,

On Rhapsody.com, a music subscription service, the music play's well, but
the button to change from play/pause is broken...it's stuck on play and
pressing it while it's playing simply restarts the track from the
beginning, this may be an issue with rhapsody it self, but it works fine on
all the linux distro's I have tried on my machine.

so perhaps it's a linux emulation issue that arose after they
changed/updated their player?

I know this issue might be complex and not a high priority at all since I
doubt many people using pc-bsd utilize this service.

Just wanted to report this issue.
I can deal with the problem for now, no need for an Intermediate fix

Once again, Thanks for such a solid operating system!
I will continue to report any bugs that I find!

Have a good day!

Jacob D.
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