[PC-BSD Testing] Nvidia Optimus with 9.1

Michael Dexter dexter at ambidexter.com
Mon Sep 17 15:26:22 PDT 2012

Following up my own question... putting a ThinkPad T420 into "discreet 
video" mode in BIOS stopped the reboot in install and is allowing me to 


On 9/16/12 9:08 AM, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
> ok I have an Asus N53sv-xr1, that has nvidia optimius, I am able to
> get plain freebsd 10 working on it with xorg but only if the intel
> driver is specified in xorg.conf and xorg.conf already exists. auto
> detection doesnt work it says no screens found.
> it wont work in vesa mode it just reboots.. so the question is how do
> I install PC-BSD 9.1?
> so baiscly PCBSD 9.1 would work fine if only the installer had a
> existing xorg.conf file and loaded the intel driver, despite the fact
> that it detects nvidia  (i should aslo note i loaded the acpi_call.ko
> from ports but i dont think i needed to)
> any ideas?

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