[PC-BSD Testing] Nvidia Optimus with 9.1

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 09:08:36 PDT 2012

ok I have an Asus N53sv-xr1, that has nvidia optimius, I am able to
get plain freebsd 10 working on it with xorg but only if the intel
driver is specified in xorg.conf and xorg.conf already exists. auto
detection doesnt work it says no screens found.

it wont work in vesa mode it just reboots.. so the question is how do
I install PC-BSD 9.1?

so baiscly PCBSD 9.1 would work fine if only the installer had a
existing xorg.conf file and loaded the intel driver, despite the fact
that it detects nvidia  (i should aslo note i loaded the acpi_call.ko
from ports but i dont think i needed to)
any ideas?

Sam Fourman Jr.

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