[PC-BSD Testing] bugs in 9.1 RC1

Gökhan Kocak goekhan.kocak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 05:41:34 PDT 2012

Hello Devs!

I tested the RC1 on an Esprimo 2550 (specs:
Mainly because the usual Linux wouldn´t run due to a bug in the
kernel. It has something to do with the nforce mainboard.

Anyway I was happy to see PC-BSD boot without problems into the
installer. Here I encountered three problems:

1) Chosing “German” as the installer language didn´t quite work: The
installation proceeded in English, only to be restarted afterwards in
German (which I aborted as I had a successful install in English).

2) With the checkbox for “format drives with GParted” in the advanced
settings nothing happened. As far as I can estimate GParted was not
started. I´ve used this tool before, so I´m not a total noob.

3) The installer does not recognize any other OS´s (like Windows) and
does not offer a side-by-side-install. Is this on purpose?

Afterwards I booted into KDE. Here I could not set up wireless. I
entered the necessary WPA2 password, but I got no feedback. No “wrong
password” when I intentionally typed wrong, and no
“successfull/unseccessfull connection” type message. This left me
frustrated and ended my time with the 9.1 RC.

Out of curiousity: why don´t You implement the standard KDE
connectivity tool? It worked well for me under numerous Linux(es/i?).

Want to add sth positive as well: install was not painfully slow.
Didn´t track time but I´d say 20 minutes max.

I hope this helps somehow as feedback.

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