[PC-BSD Testing] Flash Vdpau and other issues

Dewey Hylton dewey.hylton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 06:58:51 PDT 2012

i'm running lxde on 9.1-RC1 amd64 with the intel driver. 

i do not see #1 below, but instead the screen simply goes black until the power turns off. 

i do not see #2 below at all - the clock is to the far right, and everything else appears to be in its proper place. 
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> Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] Flash Vdpau and other issues

> Hi,
> I have some issues to report.

> 1:During shutdown, LXDE gives a garbled and white/ black stripped
> screen, instead of showing the progress of shutdown

> 2: the Taskbar tray of XFCE is not properly aligned, being that the
> clock is in the middle, next to the quick launch icons(to the left)
> and the quick launch for the browser in XFCE does not function
> properly, clicking on the globe, gives no result
> Usually The clock and the system icons are supposed to be in the far
> right normally?

> 3: the new disc tray does not always function, it fails to display or
> mount various optical media's
> it is usually hit and miss

> 4: not to nit pick, or fuss, but in 9.0 Stable- RELEASE desktop
> environments loaded rather instantly but not in any of the snapshots
> , beta or RC 1

> I am curious and want to know if anything is being done differently

> 5: In various RPM - based distro's and even in Linux Mint, there is a
> fix for the nvidia gpu's that give the blue tinge when playing you
> tube content, it has something to do with how the flash plugin (or
> youtube's?) player writes to VDPAU, specifically the lower layer
> function....

> I know this is not specifically a high priority, and can remedied
> simply by removing the check mark in the "enable hardware
> acceleration box, under the settings menu when you right click the
> video you are playing

> But regardless I just wanted to let the Development Team of PC-BSD
> know of this specific Bug- Fix

> I learned of this fix via a Magiea(Fork of Mandriva, RPM based, using
> Urpmi) developing mailing list, as I used to be an avid fan of
> mandriva and was my first ever linux experience

> But that's about it!...

> I would like to show my appreciation and unlimited gratitude to the
> PC-BSD Development Team for working so endlessly to make
> professional enterprise quality system software available to the
> general public, as in regards to making it user and n00B Friendly!

> Again, Thanks!

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