[PC-BSD Testing] Flash Vdpau and other issues

Jacob Daniels jacob.dan1984 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 05:07:50 PDT 2012

I have some issues to report.

1:During shutdown, LXDE gives a garbled and white/ black stripped screen,
instead of showing the progress of shutdown

2: the Taskbar tray of XFCE is not properly aligned, being that the clock
is in the middle, next to the quick launch icons(to the left)
and the quick launch for the browser in XFCE does not function properly,
clicking on the globe, gives no result
Usually The clock and the system icons are supposed to be in the far right

3: the new disc tray does not always function, it fails to display or mount
various optical media's
it is usually hit and miss

4: not to nit pick, or fuss, but in 9.0 Stable- RELEASE desktop
environments loaded rather instantly but not in any of the snapshots , beta
or RC 1

I am curious and want to know if anything is being done differently

5:  In various RPM - based distro's and even in Linux Mint, there is a fix
for the nvidia gpu's that give the blue tinge when playing you tube
content, it has something to do with how the flash plugin (or youtube's?)
player writes to VDPAU, specifically the lower layer function....

I know this is not specifically  a high priority, and can remedied simply
by removing the check mark in the "enable hardware acceleration box, under
the settings menu when you right click the video you are playing

But regardless I just wanted to let the Development Team of PC-BSD know of
this specific Bug- Fix

I learned of this fix via a Magiea(Fork of Mandriva, RPM based, using
Urpmi) developing mailing list, as I used to be an avid fan of mandriva and
was my first ever linux experience

But that's about it!...

I would like to show my appreciation and unlimited gratitude to the PC-BSD
Development Team for working so endlessly to make professional enterprise
quality system software available to the general public, as in regards to
making it user  and n00B Friendly!

Again, Thanks!
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