[PC-BSD Testing] pc-thinclient support video detection

Andreas Hotz aufderalb at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 30 16:36:21 PDT 2012

Hallo pc-thinclient maintainer !

Any workaround for display settings for my video card !

Problem: auto detection in a USBLite 64bit install runs well with
              Intel-3d 1680x1050 for example !
              but in pxeboot from a client auto detect --> black screen !
              ( only bad vesa for the example above )

Question: Can I edit at startup 'like run option '6' video' the menu
               to intel-3d and resolution like in a 'normal setup/install' ?
               Missing option to change my card at startup or/and
               later in SystemSettings --> Video !

Thanks for your support !


PS: tried; ...type "Y"...,
' Once authenticated, the file will be saved by the client's MAC address in
 /home/pxeboot/mnt/xorg-config/<mac>.conf. The next time you boot the client,
 it will automatically use the saved xorg.conf file and bring the
system to the PC-BSD® login screen.'
 --> and copy the xorg entry from 'normal functional thinclient
install' into it, but no luck !

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