[PC-BSD Testing] 9.1-RC2 ssd, hdd and trim

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Oct 25 07:01:33 PDT 2012

On 10/23/2012 04:14, N V wrote:
> Hi.
> That's cool that someone pointed to the camcontrol identify. I was going to 
> write about it too.:) May be there is some system call available for us so we 
> don't have to parse output. But if you find parsing ok - may be that's the way 
> to detect device's trim capability.
> Another note is that I don't know the realiablity of identifying TRIM 
> capabilty. Are all drives report their TRIM capability reliably?
> Regards,
> Vans.

That the issue I think we are going to run into here. Are you sure that
this works 100% of the time on SSD's? I seem to recall some drives
didn't report TRIM status in camcontrol, even though they have it.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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