[PC-BSD Testing] Bluetooth is recognised but never works

David turbolad995 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 24 04:39:53 PDT 2012

I have PC-BSD 9.1-RC2 on my Netbook (Samsung NB30) and although the 
Bluetooth is recognised, I can't send files via Bluetooth.  I have 
Ubuntu 12.04 on this same netbook and using an app called "Blueman" (in 
Ubuntu) I can instantly send files from my mobile phone via Bluetooth.  
I simply Bluetooth files to my netbook and "Blueman" pops-up a 
confirmation dialogue to accept or cancel.  This is very easy and 
user-friendly.  I'm hoping this same method could be used in PC-BSD when 
transferring files via Bluetooth.  No "pairing" or having to battle with 
pin codes.

I have mentioned this in the PC-BSD forums (my username on there is also 
David30) and I've been directed from there to this mailing list.  It's 
my first post here and I've never used a mailing list before, so still 
got lots to learn.  I'm also a newbie to PC-BSD, but have plenty of time 
to beta-test it and help contribute to making it better in any way I can.

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