[PC-BSD Testing] 9.1-RC2 - Warden - Jails Outside Default Directory

Mikey ilzilly at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 21:46:55 PDT 2012


TrueOS install using PC-BSD 9.1-RC2 with the following three conditions:

-- select a directory for JDIR other than the default of /usr/jails
-- /usr/jails not yet created (true for default install)
-- chroot not yet downloaded

In /usr/local/share/warden/scripts/backend/functions.sh, WORLDCHROOT is hard coded to be "/usr/jails/.warden-chroot.txz". The downloadchroot function tries to move the tarball to WORLDCHROOT after downloading, which does not exist. This causes any traditional jail created using Warden to fail to install world, since createjail.sh looks for the tarball in the WORLDCHROOT directory.

Looks like in functions.sh one could set:

Thanks for the good work,

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