[PC-BSD Testing] Very good news and my apologies, testing 9.1 rc2 with Gnome and KDE on a Republic of Gamers ASUS board

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Thu Oct 18 13:46:58 PDT 2012

Did test the x64 installations from RC2 USB LIVE Installation.
After Upgrading RC1 to RC2 32bit on 64 Bit Hardware some drivers/scripts are breaking the system, so backup and installing new.
SMBD and WINBIND not starting from existing rc.conf automatically.

(Fresh Installation with USB LITE x86/64 is ok)

Starting pc-sysinstaller on ASUS x64 i3 SandyBridge with LXDE advanced disc wizard with ZFS RAID are showing errors when using ada0 and ada1:

#zfs create -p tank0... ok
#zfs set ...
#pc-sysinstall: starting extraction
EXITERROR: ERROR: Failed extracting the tar image

(before copying and after known working partition trick when going back and for to mirror ZFS)

It seems difficult to install from LIVE medium and to boot from USB image.
Would be great to hear from others reproducing.

Am 17.10.2012 um 08:38 schrieb Hans Ruhe:

> Hi Kris and team,
> First of all my apologies, i did not test correctly and took the 386 version instead of the 64 it version. I just moved to another house and with a recent burnout as well my mind was not set correctly. If anybody has good tips to get rid of the bad effects of a burnout please let me know. 
> Than the good news. The new Gforce driver is working excellent.  I tested it also with a 3d game , alien arena and it worked excellent. The Geforce card was recognized (not exactly a gamers card I know, but it is meant later for a htpc) it is a Geforce GT520. 
> Sound is working but I had to configure it, fortunately it is a Realtek soundchip. 
> Flashmovies are working (I looked at the amazing jump out of space by Fellx Baumgartner) the image is very sharp, unfortunately people looked still blue like the smurfs :-) There seems to be an explanation for that. 
> Installing applications goes very fast :-) 
> I installed both Gnome as the KDE and both are working. Gnome is working fine. 
> The i3 Ivy processor is recognized and put to work (all three cores :-)  )  I am planning a I5 later. 
> The ZFS filesystem is at work and working fine. 
> So I want to give you all the thumbs up. I know it is not finished yet but these results are encouraging  !! :-) :-) 
> Best regards,
> Hans
> Arthur thanks for the support about the Geforce issue as well. 
> Kris and team 
> Thanks for the support and the good work you provide. When I say that Linux has a working driver for instance I do not mean to step on your toes but encourage you all !!! So I mean it from out of a good heart ! 
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