[PC-BSD Testing] Very good news and my apologies, testing 9.1 rc2 with Gnome and KDE on a Republic of Gamers ASUS board

Hans Ruhe hansruhe1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 23:38:36 PDT 2012

Hi Kris and team,

First of all my apologies, i did not test correctly and took the 386
version instead of the 64 it version. I just moved to another house and
with a recent burnout as well my mind was not set correctly. If anybody has
good tips to get rid of the bad effects of a burnout please let me know.

Than the good news. The new Gforce driver is working excellent.  I tested
it also with a 3d game , alien arena and it worked excellent. The Geforce
card was recognized (not exactly a gamers card I know, but it is meant
later for a htpc) it is a Geforce GT520.
Sound is working but I had to configure it, fortunately it is a Realtek

Flashmovies are working (I looked at the amazing jump out of space by Fellx
Baumgartner) the image is very sharp, unfortunately people looked still
blue like the smurfs :-) There seems to be an explanation for that.

Installing applications goes very fast :-)

I installed both Gnome as the KDE and both are working. Gnome is working

The i3 Ivy processor is recognized and put to work (all three cores :-)  )
I am planning a I5 later.

The ZFS filesystem is at work and working fine.

So I want to give you all the thumbs up. I know it is not finished yet but
these results are encouraging  !! :-) :-)

Best regards,

Arthur thanks for the support about the Geforce issue as well.

*Kris and team
Thanks for the support and the good work you provide. When I say that Linux
has a working driver for instance I do not mean to step on your toes but
encourage you all !!! So I mean it from out of a good heart ! *
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