[PC-BSD Testing] Loader and USB3

N V VaNs9 at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 12 12:36:34 PDT 2012


Do you mean if connect it as a usual drive? Well, it works just ok. I connected it to the plain FreeBSD 9.0, not the PC-BSD, because PC-BSD is on this external drive. But there should be no difference.
There were some rare cases when I've got system hang if the external drive has been connected but I can't remember what was it, because no this hangs are gone. May be I can force system to hang doing some hot-plugs. If i success hanging the system I'll report. :)


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>>  Hi.
>>  I have got external USB3 hard drive. Have to mention that if it's
>>  plugged in motherboards USB 3 port then system won't boot. Seems
>>  that bios informs loader (I mean boot0) about drive but loader
>>  itself can't proceed, like it can't access the drive/partition. If
>>  the drive is plugged in the USB 2 the boot proceeds ok. I don't know
>>  if it is a real issue. It may be a motherboard problem. I don't have
>>  another hardware with USB 3 to test.
>>  Maybe we should mention it somewhere.
>>  Regards,
>>  Vans.
> what happens, after your machine is up and running, if you connect
> your usb3 drive to your usb3 motherboard port? in that scenario with
> my particular configuration, the machine seems to just hang - right up
> until i unplug the usb3 drive, at which time everything just resumes
> like nothing ever happened.
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